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Sensors and Limit Switches

Check out an industry first!  A one touch teachable image sensor in a M30 housing for difficult applications such as:

Click on the links below for additional information on this revolutionary product!!!

F30 Intelligent Image Sensor product flyer ( Adobe Acrobat Document 132Kb)

F30 Intelligent Image Sensor product manual (Adobe Acrobat Document 1.8Mb)


Also from Sensopart, the new F20 series offers a wide assortment of sensors in a compact body.  Everything from through beam sensors to incredibly accurate laser sensors with background suppression!  Click on the picture or the link for more information!


F20 Line


Detecting colors?  Even the most subtle variations in color are not a problem for the FT50C from Sensopart.  With 3 channels and 5 tolerance levels for each channel, the user has tons of flexibility at an amazingly low price!

FT50c-web.jpg (89647 Byte)

FT50C Color Sensor

Contrinex has a new INDESTRUCTIBLE proximity sensor.  The 700 series be used as a hammer to drive nails, and can be used in weld environments with virtually no need to ever replace them

Contrinex 700 series on the web

Metal Forming Magazine article


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Safety Devices

Bircher Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd. MALAYSIA

New safety edges

Easy mounting and excellent performance are the key points of two new product families from Bircher Reglomat AG.

The new Click-Line rubber profiles allow for fast and easy mounting. Made with a special foot, they can be mounted by "clicking" them into a C-rail without the usual pulling-in from the side. This safes time - just simply click and done. Based on the well proven switching strip ENT-20 Bircher Reglomat AG offers this very interesting solution.



Similarly interesting are the features of the new miniature safety edge system S-Line. Easiest self assembling and small dimensions are the strength of this new product. Just a few steps are required to assemble a safety edge. With simple tools this can be done by installers or door manufacturers themselves. Suitable rubber profiles, switching units, end pieces, tools and other accessories make it a complete system.


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Control and Panel Products


Introducing a new type of PLC. It's a unique panel mount all-in-one PLC. This FP-e is the same size as a standard digital timer but with all the functionalities of an advanced PLC. UL, CSA, UL, IP66.

Great for small OEM machines.

The FP-e PLC comes in the following three types.

Basic type - 8in. / 5 Tr. & 1 Relay out
Calendar timer type - 8in. / 5 Tr. & 1 Relay out
Thermocouple input  type - 6in. / 2Ch. Thermocouple / 5 Tr. & 1 Relay out

The FP-e is perfect for small desk top machines, lab use, test machines or distributed control on a production line where a small amount of I/O and a numerical display is required.


What are the best kinds of applications for the FP-e?

...when you need timers and counters

The FP-e has up to 144 built-in timers and counters that you can program. This is in addition to four high speed counters and 8 inputs that can be used in many ways. With this PLC, you can also scale your readings by using powerful math functions such as square root or square cube. Should your program become more complex and require expanded I/O, this can automatically be converted to an FP0 or FP Sigma PLC.

...when you need temperature control

For temperature control applications that also require controlling some I/O, the FP-e is a perfect solution. This PLC has two very accurate PID loops for  temperature control (-30.0 to + 300.0 degree C).

Just wire your thermocouple devices (K type), use Auto Tuning to control the temperature, and program your I/O control.

This one package does it all.   Temperature can be displayed and controlled either in Fahrenheit or Celsius with 0.1 degree resolution. Even though the FP-e is small, it produces superb PID results by utilizing our powerful floating point math and unique algorithm.

...when you require simple stepper motion for test equipment
The FP-e has built-in 2 axis pulse outputs with automatic acceleration and deceleration. Only the data below is required.

This is how simple it is to setup a motion control. The FP-e also has step ladder which acts like a flow chart. This step ladder can make your program very simple. Another feature of the FP-e is that it can be used as a pulse generator where the frequency can manually be changed while monitoring the digital display.


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Vacuum and Pneumatic

Mead Fluid Dynamics has released an innovative new valve that will change the market place.  Through its patented "half-shell" design, Mead's MOD3 series minimizes size and turbulence resulting in much better flow over its competitors!

MOD 3 Valve



Emergency Stop Vacuum Generator


• Emergency Stop Operating System

(Patented) with Air Economizing Mode

• Eliminates All Unnecessary Air Consumption

• Optional DeviceNet™ Communication

• Fast Sensor and Vacuum Flow Response Times

• Large Vacuum Flow Rates

• Independent Vacuum Channels

The CVX0260B is ideal for non-porous applications that can benefit from Emergency Stop Management Systems and air-economizing features. The Emergency Stop Management System can maintain the last state of air during Emergency Stop or
power failure. During one of these events, the vacuum command signal is lost, but, the system can detect the presence of a part and continue to maintain the vacuum state. Additionally, if the system detects that a part is not present, the vacuum state will not continue and will close to eliminate any unnecessary air consumption. Air economizing features are controlled by the sensor
outputs to minimize air consumption during normal operations. PLC programming is not required for Air Economizing Functions because this function is included in the electrical enclosure. Optional DeviceNet communications are available.

Vacuum Controlled
Emergency Stop Circuit:

There are 4 separate states of air logic: vacuum, blow-off, idle, and EOS. The air circuit illustrates a basic normally closed unit with the Emergency Stop operating system. Vacuum is created when a high signal is sent to Vacuum Pilot Valve (1). The output of the vacuum Sensor (2), controls the vacuum level and air economizing function by feedback to the Vacuum Solenoid Valve (1). The Check Valve (3) maintains the vacuum level until the Blow-off Pilot Valve (4) is activated to release or the hysteresis value of Sensor (2) is reached to restore the original vacuum level. The Emergency Stop operating system (5) is activated by an emergency stop or power failure.


Mini Cylinders can meet your requirements for clamping, gripping, stopping, pressing, etc., in applications where space is a premium. Mini cylinders have a hose barb fitting installed in the rod end of the cylinder, standard female rod thread and two through holes for ease of mounting, no brackets required.

TKY-H Series: Spring Extended Cylinder
TKY-O Series: Spring Retracted Cylinder
TKY-W Series: Double Acting Cylinder
Bore Sizes: 4.5mm to 10mm
Stoke: 3mm to 10mm
Maximum Operating Pressure: 87 PSI
Ambient Temperature: 32° to 140°F (0° to 60°C)


VA01 Series valve is used in centralized vacuum systems. Available for: vacuum control, blow-off control, or one valve for both. 10mm wide solenoid valve is lightweight, compact, and direct acting.

FSV Series valve assists in maintaining an acceptable vacuum level in the vacuum system if vacuum cup does not make a proper seal. This can be critical to the performance of the vacuum systems that have a single source vacuum generator with multiple cups. Direct mounting to cups using M5 to G3/8 connection.

CH Series valve is used to hold a degree of vacuum when the vacuum generator is turned off. This poppet design valve has low leakage rate and cracking pressure of 2.9 PSIG.


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Cables and Accessories

pat. pend.

  • Icotek-KEL-Systems can be quickly mounted to ist base without tools.
  • The KEL-SNAP-SYSTEM is available in two sizes 16 and 24 (Harting) Cut-out.
  • High cable densities.
  • All sealing gaskets integrated.
  • Protection Class Ip54.
  • Grommet Material PA UL 94-VO
  • Grommet Sizes 3mm through 34mm

Part Numbers
KEL-SNAP 16 order number 42040 cut out: 46 x 48 mm
KEL-SNAP 24 order number 42042 cut out: 46 x 112mm

KEL SNAP on the web



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